A Quiet Growing Time

Charlotte Mason with Your 3 to 6 Year Old

Bring a gentle Charlotte Mason lifestyle to your young children with this
easy-to-use guide to the early years.

Does this sound familiar?

You've just spent another hour on social media searching for ideas about how to do this Charlotte Mason lifestyle thing with your little one.  When you ask, you are answered, "Oh, just play and be outside!" but you know your child needs more than that.  You growl in frustration, then take a deep breath and smile at your little angel.   You still haven't started dinner, and it's almost 6PM.  

You took your children outside today like everyone tells you to do, but nature study?  How are you supposed to do that when you don't know a crow from a blue jay and the kids run circles in the yard, screaming like banshees?

You are sold on the "why" of Charlotte Mason, you know the "what", but you just can't nail down how to actually do it.

You've looked so many times at the preschool pages of Charlotte Mason websites, but you are overwhelmed with book lists and you can't figure out how to schedule everything.  How do you get everything done in the day when there is so much to do?  You want to ensure a magical and simple childhood, but it feels so hard as one day slips into the next and nothing has changed.

Finally, an easy-to-read guide

to help you create the early years environment you've dreamed about.

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practical and down to earth

easy for a tired mommy-brain to understand

No guilt

Not just for homeschoolers

Charlotte Mason's method of education is about developing the whole person.  This is not a book list or a long list of activities.  

It is a guide to creating a Charlotte Mason, magical childhood.

As with all my work, I hold your hand and give you practical encouragement and advice, all in a non-religious, non-judgmental manner.  

My passion is helping moms connect the dots from Charlotte Mason's theory to how to apply it to their own families.

What you will learn

  • how to apply Charlotte Mason's ideals to modern life
  • how to create a peaceful rhythm to your days
  • how to incorporate by-the-way geography and nature connection into your outside time
  • storytelling
  • and more, all in a practical and down-to-earth way

Is this an e-book? A physical book?  How do I get it?

This is an e-book delivered via e-mail in a pdf file.  After you purchase (click the button below), you will receive a download link within 48 hours.  If you don't get it, check your spam folder and then contact me.  

What this guide is not

  • it is not a guide to creating an academic pre-school environment in your home
  • it is not a book list or long list of activities
  • it is not an all-encompassing guide to Charlotte Mason's wisdom and method of education
  • it is not a curriculum guide that lays out what to do each day in a nice check-the-box format
What people are saying about A Quiet Growing Time:

It's life changing....

I had no idea how to tailor [Charlotte Mason's methods] to my life and my specific child's. It's life changing. All I saw were booklists and now I see the foundations. I'm working so hard on rhythms and outside time now.  2019 has started so differently!

Aparajita Kumar  //  

That Indian Mom (youtube)

Do you love Waldorf?  You're covered!

Even though this is a Charlotte Mason preschool guide, it's also compatible with a Waldorf lifestyle.

I learned so much about how magical preschool years could be from the Waldorf community.  

As I dug deeper into Charlotte Mason's words, I found the same thing from her.  The Charlotte Mason community is simply not as good at providing resources for it.  

Although they have different foundations, Charlotte Mason's philosophy and Waldorf are almost identical in these early years.

Who is this NOT for?

  • If you feel very confident creating a Charlotte Mason lifestyle for your young children...
  • If you've read Home Education and are able to easily apply Charlotte Mason's principles to your life...
  • If you already have a strong home rhythm and your days flow peacefully...

...then you do not need this guide.  Keep doing what you're doing.

However, this guide is for you if:

  • You've tried to read Home Education but just don't have the mental energy
  • You want to create a beautiful, magical childhood that honors your children as the wonderful individuals they are
  • You don't have the time or energy to read the originals yourself and just want someone to tell you in plain language how to do this
  • You have read Home Education but are struggling with the implementation of it
  • You've haunted Facebook groups, blogs, and forums, have read everything you can but you still can't wrap your head around what this method should look like for the young ones
  • You're struggling with the practical application of how to bring this rich lifestyle to your children
  • You simply want someone to hold your hand