Living Geography: This is What Happens When You Update Charlotte Mason

Finally, a secular, updated version of Charlotte Mason’s Elementary Geography! Living Geography for the Primary Grades Reading Elementary Geography to ...
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blowing bubbles secular preschool programs

13 Secular Preschool Programs for Charlotte Mason Homes

Learn about 11 secular preschool programs that work with a Charlotte Mason homeschool.Are you searching for a preschool program that ...
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The Magic Flute from Living Music from the Heart: Is It Right for You?

Learn how to introduce music and an instrument to your early elementary child even if you have absolutely no idea ...
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essential resources paint palette

6 Essential Charlotte Mason Resources (you can’t live without)

Discover the six essential resources that will help you create the Charlotte Mason homeschool you've dreamed about. Are you tired ...
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Whole Family Rhythms: An Honest Review

Yesterday I saw the announcement that Whole Family Rhythms is closing on June 15, 2019, and they don’t know what ...
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Legends of the Staff of Musique review pinterest with bouncing gold musical note

Review: Legends of the Staff of Musique – Foundations of Music

Do you struggle with how to teach music to your early elementary student? Have you tried music books written for ...
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Charlotte Mason Plenary: A Review

You’ve wanted to discuss Charlotte Mason’s works in an inclusive, accepting group. One where you felt comfortable sharing your own ...
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