Ultimate Guide to Diverse Books

Have you struggled to find diverse books for your children?   One of the problems we face as home educators is finding books with main characters who are not of European ancestry.   This diversity is important so that children can both look into a mirror (see characters that are like them) and peer through a window (see characters that are not like them).  

 Sure, we can find lists here and there scattered across the interwebs, but I've longed for a page that has all those links gathered in one place.

Since I couldn't find one, I made one.

Without further ado....

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Indigenous American Books

Our Stories: Children's Books on the Native North American Experience (San Francisco Public Library)

from the American Indian Library Association:

Favorite authors:

Julius Lester

Kadir Nelson


Our Latino Heritage: 2nd-8th Grade

Our Latino Heritage: PreK-1st Grade

Best 15 Latino Books from 2013

Sampler of Latino Children's and YA Authors and Illustrators

Teen Latino titles by Reforma

Latino Books for Kids by Seattle Public Library

Tomás Rivera Mexican American Children's Book Award

10 Latino Poets Your Children Should Know

Hispanic Heritage Month from poets.org

Pura Belpré Book Award

Américas Award


13 Books for Kids That Celebrate All Things Asian

Top 10: Chinese American Children's Books (ages 2-14)

Books with Asian Children

Asian American Books for Children of All Ages (another page of links)

6 Asian Culture Children's Books

Our Asian Heritage: Children’s Books on the Asian-American Experience (3rd to 6th Grade)

Our Asian Heritage: Children’s Books on the Asian-American Experience (PreK to 2nd Grade)

Asian Heritage in Children’s and Young Adult Books
South Asia Book Award

Favorite author:

Grace Lin

Mixed Race and Multi-Racial

14 Children's Books with Multi-Racial Families

70+ Picture Books about Mixed Race Families

50 Multicultural Books Every Child Should Read from the National Education Association

21 Middle Grade Novels With Multiracial Characters

18 Multicultural Books About Friendship

50 Diverse Children's Books About Strong Girls by Biracial Bookworm

Middle Eastern

Arab American Book Award

Middle Eastern Heritage for Kids from San Francisco Public Library

Middle Eastern Book Award

Top 10: Best Middle Eastern American Children's Books

15 Must Read Books by Middle Eastern Authors

20 Books by Arab-American authors

Children's Middle Eastern Heritage from King County Library System


Children's Books About Disabilities

60 Books About Disabilities and Differences for Kids

Schneider Family Book Award

Dolly Gray Children's Literature Award

Books with Characters Who Have Physical Disabilities

10 Captivating Fiction Books That Portray Disability and Disease

Children’s Books with Characters Who Have Physical Differences

25+ Children's Books Featuring Visually Impaired Characters

Disability in Fiction: Top Ten SFF / YA Books

Translated into English

Batchelder Award

100 Great Translated Kids Books from Around the World

Required Reading: The Books that Students Read in 28 Countries Around the World

And lists that didn't fit into a category:  

What is family? Picture books about loving families in many forms

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