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I’ve gathered in one spot my favorite resources for living a Charlotte Mason lifestyle.  These are not limited to homeschooling, because Charlotte Mason did not limit her recommendations to education only.

Original Charlotte Mason Works

It goes without saying that Charlotte Mason’s own volumes are top on my list.  They can be purchased through Living Book Press and Simply Charlotte Mason

If you want to discuss in an inclusive group with knowledgeable leaders, where all faiths are welcome, The Charlotte Mason Plenary is excellent.

Books that support an inclusive Charlotte Mason lifestyle

  • Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne
  • Field Guide to the Familiar by Gale Lawrence
  • Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature (available on Amazon, or at Wilderness Awareness School for international orders)
  • Laws’ Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling by John Muir Laws
  • Keeping a Nature Journal by Claire Walker Leslie
  • The Living Page by Laurie Bestvater
  • Heaven on Earth by Sharifa Oppenheimer
  • What the Robin Knows and Animal Tracking Basics by Jon Young


Legends of the Staff of Musique teaches musicality using the voice as an instrument.  It uses an ongoing story, weekly lessons, and is written to the homeschooling parent who has little to no background in music theory.

Living Music from the Heart teaches music theory using the penny whistle.

We use and love both Legends of the Staff and Living Music from the Heart.

Other resources

Any of the audio resources from 8 Shields, but in particular

  • Seeing Through Native Eyes
  • Reclaiming Our Natural Connections

Wildwood Curriculum, an inclusive strict Charlotte Mason curriculum that I create, along with several other talented people

Motivated Moms, how I keep a (relatively) clean home with minimal mental energy (use coupon code juniper for $3 off your first year!)

Cara Mendez  Are you a homeschooling entrepreneur?  Cara Mendez from House of Mendez has been an amazing resource and support for me!  I’m a member of the Chaos to Grace Revolution and have gotten immense value from it.